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Market 24h Clock:
main features

The hour hand

Market 24h Clock about hour hand

shows current status of the market. It highlights markets, which are open now, Market Activity Sectors and Strategic Points.

Orange segments

Market 24h Clock about stock exchanges

are currently open markets

Market 24h Clock shows regular trading sessions of 19 stock markets. We choose only those stock exchanges that directly influence and drive currency movements and, similarly, trading sessions (trading hours) shown by the clock are those that have the most effect on the forex market.

Grey segments

Market 24h Clock about closed markets

are currently closed markets

(as well as markets closed on holidays and public holidays)

Strategic points NEW

Market 24h Clock about strategic points

18 Strategically Important Moments of the Trading Day for a forex trader.

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Market Activity Sectors

Market 24h Clock about activity sectors

highlight peak market activity hours when strong price movements take place.

These particular sectors show you the best time to trade and take profit.

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Rollover Line

Market 24h Clock about rollover line

09:00 pm UTC (5PM EST)* stands for the end of the current trading day (settelment date). This is the time when Rollovers (Swap Rates) are applied to open positions after 09:00 pm UTC change in settlement date.

(*Please, note that time varies with some brokers).

How it works

all markets on one dial

Market 24h Clock has
24 hour dial

That means, that you are able to have a look at the entire trading day and observe the forex market as a whole.

all markets on one dial

Market 24h Clock is currently set to

Market 24h Clock uses Universal Coordinated Time* to help avoid issues with daylight savings time.

*(UTC is the international basis for other time zones)

(swipe slides with your finger)

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