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How to increase your Forex Profits
and have more free time with the Market 24h Clock

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(The Clock shown in this video is an outline. We eventually improve the Market 24h Clock and the Clock you see on this website and in our apps will be slightly different.)

Stock market influences currency market. That is why it's so important to watch market hours and activity of stock markets. The trickiest thing is that you have to watch, say, all 19 markets around the world, and doing it by watching ordinary clocks would be cumbrous and unvivid. It is much easier to do this using the unique Market 24 Hour Clock, which integrates all markets into one clear picture.

With this clock markets are spread before your eyes, that simplifies developing of your trading tactics and allows you to organize your trading time better and more effectively.
Think, for instance, of EUR/USD pair. The highest movement of this pair occurs during European - Asian Overlap and U.S. - European Overlap. In the Market 24 hour Clock you can clearly see current open / closed status of all stock markets as well as sessions and market activity sectors you need. These particular sectors show you the best time to trade and take profit. The rest of the time is not that important and you can spend it to other work or leisure.

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