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it's Forex o'clock
on Market 24h Clock

Market24hClock is a reference web site where traders decide
when it is best time to trade Forex.

We work daily to improve the Market24hClock and put all the essential data together to minimise the time you spend on trading.
Our simple and intuitive 24-hour Forex Traders Clock shows Forex and Stock market in real time.
In this clock we mapped Trading sessions as groups of most influential stock markets and only those of stock market trading hours that have the most effect on currency movements and Forex Market globally.
We mapped Forex activity periods and strategically important points of time for traders to help you decide when it's best to enter and exit your trade.

See detailed walk-through to learn all features, below.

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Along with the Market 24h Clock, traders are provided with Economic Calendar (you will find the upcoming economic events under the Trading Hours Clock as well), current and historical support and resistance data, live Forex quotes and actual stocks, indices and commodities data that can be used for refference.

Market24hClock's Features:

Trading Hours

Market 24h Clock about stock exchanges

you see currently open markets as orange sectors

Market 24h Clock shows market hours of 19 stock markets.
The main purpose of the Market 24h Clock is to show the most influential hours when the price movements are the strongest.
That is why we choose only those stock exchanges that directly influence and drive currency movements and, similarly, trading sessions and trading hours shown by the Market 24h Clock are those that have the most effect on the forex market.

For example, floor trading on FWB Frankfurt is open till 09:00 am (10pm Frankfurt Time), but Market 24h Clock shows Frankfurt close at 04:30 pm (05:30pm Frankfurt Time) as it corresponds to Xetra closing and the end of the European Trading session. See the full list of trading hours for each stock exchange for further reference.

Forex Sessions

Market 24h Clock shows Forex Sessions

Market 24h Clock shows five major Forex Sessions
as five large groups of stock Markets:

Pacific Session (New Zealand Stock Exchange NZX, Australia Stock Exchange ASX)
Asian Sesion with two major Middle East Markets (Tokyo Stock Exchange JPX, Singapore Exchange SGX, Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKEx, Shanghai Stock Exchange SSE, India National Stock Exchange NSE)
Middle Eastern Sesion: (Dubai Financial Market DFM, Saudi Stock Exchange TADAWUL)
European Session together with Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE (Moscow Exchange MOEX, London Stock Exchange LSE (= Euronext Hours), Swiss Stock Exchange SIX, Frankfurt Stock Exchange FWB)
American Session together with B3 Brazilian Stock Exchange BOVESPA (New York Stock Exchange NYSE, NASDAQ Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange TSX, NYSE Chicago (ex. Chicago Stock Exchange CHX)

Learn more about the Forex sessions displayed by the Market 24h Clock

Closed Markets

Market 24h Clock about closed markets

you see which markets are currently closed

Market 24h clock shows Stock Exchanges and Markets closed also on market holidays and public holidays, as well as on weekends.

Lunch Breaks
for Asian Markets

Market 24h Clock shows Lunch breaks for JPX, HKEx, SSE and SGX

Market 24h Clock also shows lunch breaks for all markets that have midday breaks. Those hours are crucial for traders, as trading volume changes when Asian markets close for lunch.

JPX Tokyo 02:30 am - 03:30 am (11:30 am - 12:30 pm Tokyo time)
SGX Singapore 04:00 am - 04:58 pm (12:00 - 12:58 Singapore time)
HKEx Hong Kong 04:00 am - 05:00 am (12:00 - 13:00 Hong Kong time)
SSE Shanghai 03:30 am - 05:00 am (11:30 - 13:00 Shanghai time)

Strategic points

Market 24h Clock about strategic points

18 Strategically Important Moments of the Trading Day for a forex trader.

learn more

Market Activity Sectors

Market 24h Clock about activity sectors

highlighted peak market activity hours when strong price movements take place.

These particular sectors show you the best time to trade and take profit.

learn more

Rollover Line

Market 24h Clock about rollover line

10:00 pm (5pm EST)* stands for the end of the current trading day (settelment date). This is the time when Rollovers (Swap Rates) are applied to open positions after 10:00 pm (5pm EST)* change in settlement date.

(*Please, note that time varies with some brokers).

your time zone - Market 24h Clock

Market 24h Clock is set to
your Time Zone

You can set Market 24h Clock to your ar any other time zone!
Go to the Market 24h Clock and click the next to the Market 24h Clock to open the Clock settings.

single-market clocks

There are multiple
Markets Clocks

Choose single-market clocks to be shown above the main Market 24h Clock. Each single-market clock shows trading session and local time of a market it is referring to.
Go to the Market 24h Clock and click the next to the Market 24h Clock to open the Clock settings and select markets.

light and dark layouts - Market 24h Clock

Market 24h Clock
in light and dark layouts

You can switch between Dark and Light Layouts for Market 24h Clock.
Go to the Market 24h Clock and click the , "change clock layout" in the Clock's settings panel. Use the Market 24h Clock you like the most!

all markets on one dial

Market 24h Clock has
24 hour dial

That means, that you are able to have a look at the entire trading day and observe the forex market as a whole.

Put Market 24h Clock
in the palm of your hand

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